Klinko Participates in the 13th Pasar Rakyat Event at GBI Family Blessing, Citraland – Surabaya.

PT Klinko Karya Imaji Tbk, a cleaning product factory using recycled textile materials, enlivened the 13th “Pasar Rakyat Berbagi Kasih” event at Citraland, Surabaya. The company’s commitment is evident in offering affordable and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Klinko introduced an innovative product line, including rugs, mops, wipes, and gloves, all crafted from recycled textile materials, supporting environmental preservation efforts.

Klinko’s participation in the “Pasar Rakyat Berbagi Kasih” is not only about product sales but also involves providing affordable prices for the local community, with all proceeds donated to places of worship. With this initiative, Klinko not only introduces eco-friendly products but also emphasizes the company’s social responsibility.

The presence of Klinko at this event is expected to raise awareness among Surabaya residents about environmentally friendly cleaning products made from recycled materials. This isn’t just a strategic move for the company; it’s also a positive contribution to shaping responsible environmental behavior within the community. As a pioneer in recycled products, Klinko invites the community to support sustainability.


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