Braiding and Winding Machine

This machine is used to make wicker yarn in preparation for making spiral mats, with a wick production capacity of 3 tons/month. The process in this machine is to cover the surface of the filled yarn with colorful yarn on the outside. The number of machines currently owned is 1 unit of winding machine and 3 units of braiding machine.


The cutting machine that the Company uses is a thread cutting machine for mop-making materials. The working process is that several strands of thread are stored in the thread creel then the ends of the threads are combined into one and enter the cutting machine. This cutting machine has automatic technology in the process of pulling and cutting. The capacity of this machine is 8.000 kg/month. This cutting machine is made in Italy with 1 machine.

Sewing machine

Tufting Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is used to make tufting cloth on a certain size base cloth, which will then be made into a wool mat, the production capacity of the tufting machine is 2000 pcs per month per machine where the total machines owned by the company are 11 machines.

Walking-foot Sewing Machine

The walkingfoot sewing machine works in the same way as other sewing machines, but can be used to sew materials of a certain thickness. This machine is used by the Company to sew various types of mop and doormat in 2 colors, with a production capacity of 6,250 pcs/month/machine. A total of 9 units of machines currently owned by the Company.

Zig-Zag Sewing Machine

The zig-zag sewing machine is used to sew spiral mats where this machine has a zig-zag sewing step, so it can tie two axis threads that can be shaped into certain sizes and shapes. The capacity is 1000 pcs/month and the company has 2 units of machines.

Loop End Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is a combination of a thread feeding machine and a sewing machine on both output sides, used to sew both sides of the mop with the loop end. The company has 1 machine unit with an estimated capacity of 45,000 pcs-50,000 pcs/month depending on the weight of the mop material to be processed.

Overlock Machine

This machine is used for finishing wool mat products, the capacity of this machine is 18,750 pcs/machine/month with the number of machines owned by the Company is 5 units. The finishing process carried out by this machine is by trimming the sides of the wool mat with overlock stitches.

Tunnel Shrink Engine

This machine or tool is used in the packing process, where with this machine packing materials will become more compact and simple. The principle of this machine is to place the material to be processed on a conveyor and enter into a heater box which is heated to a certain temperature. The capacity of this machine is 5000pcs/month/machine. Currently, the company has 2 units of tunel shrink machines.

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