Demand for Domestic and International Markets is increasing, Klinko Expands Factory in Gresik, East Java –¬†After the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia’s economic performance continued to strengthen amidst a global economic slowdown. Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), economic growth in the third quarter of 2022 reached 5.72% (yoy), higher than the previous quarter’s achievement of 5.45% (yoy).

This is of course felt by business actors, especially industries in the health and hygiene sector, as the COVID-19 outbreak has made people aware of the importance of a clean and healthy life.

An international standard cleaning equipment manufacturing company that was established in 2016, PT Klinko Karya Imaji Tbk, is also feeling the positive impact of the increasing demand for cleaning equipment. Today, Thursday (15/12/2022), in the Gresik industrial area, East Java, Klinko inaugurated a new factory with a larger area on 4,000 m2 of land to increase production capacity from 18,500 pcs/month to 125,000 pcs/month. Klinko not only markets its products to various cities in Indonesia, but also to 4 continents namely Asia, America, Africa and Europe.

President Director of PT Klinko Karya Imaji Tbk, Anggun Satriya Supanji revealed, seeing product sales increasing 100% in January to September 2022 compared to last year (yoy), the company is expanding the factory area in an effort to meet market demand for Klinko products. With a target transaction value of 23 billion per year, Klinko will expand domestic and international markets through cooperation with modern channels, B2B partners and e-commerce.

“Klinko also targets to reach 30 distributors who will cover all areas in Indonesia,” said the Main Director of PT Klinko Karya Imaji Tbk, Anggun Satriya Supanji.

As a pioneer manufacturer of recycled cleaning equipment in Indonesia, Klinko is committed to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals Program, specifically point 12, namely responsible production and consumption, especially in implementing a circular economy.

Utilization of recycled yarn as the main material reaches 80% for all Klinko product materials, so that it has higher absorption and dirt dust binding properties. With the choice of Klinko products that are colorful and environmentally friendly, it is an attraction for countries that care about the environment.

Klinko creates international standard quality cleaning products such as mops, lobby dusters, napkins and mats. Klinko products can be found in various e-commerce and home improvement stores. In addition, many products produced by the Klinko factory are also sold in the form of private labels using other brands.

Klinko continues to strive to innovate cleaning products that have competitive quality, characteristics and unique selling points with a variety of color choices that add aesthetic value. In the future, said Anggun, his party plans to further expand domestic and foreign markets, as well as absorb more workers.

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