Promote Nationalism Spirit Through Various Festive Competitions with PT Klinko Karya Imaji Tbk

Gresik, August 26, 2023 – In celebration of the 78th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, PT Klinko Karya Imaji Tbk held a series of meaningful competitions. This event serves as tangible evidence of the company’s commitment to nurturing nationalism and love for the homeland among all levels of its organization, from the Board of Directors to the Board of Commissioners, as well as all employees of PT Klinko Karya Imaji Tbk. These competitions are not just competitive events, but also a stage where the spirit of unity and pride in Indonesia’s history and culture converge in an unforgettable moment.

With active participation from various layers of the company, these competitions serve as a means to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and enhance the sense of togetherness. From art contests that reflect the cultural richness of the archipelago to sports competitions that ignite the spirit of perseverance, each moment is a reflection of the spirit of mutual cooperation and Indonesia’s diversity. This activity is not only about commemorating the Republic’s anniversary but also a tribute to the struggles of the heroes and a commitment to making Indonesia a better nation.

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